How To Flip Clothes in 2021: Best Vintage Brands To Resell

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As time goes on, our collection of clothes grows bigger and older. Surely if you can only wear one outfit at a time, that would mean over half your closet sits idly by, just waiting to be picked. Everyone has the opportunity to go through their belongings and pull out last season’s duds, so why not go through your closets and drawers? If you’re curious about how to flip clothes in 2021, we offer some of the best vintage brands to resell.

Why You Should Resell Your Clothes

Today, one of the most significant waste contributors is clothing. Many consumers replace the old with new and fail to acknowledge the value in the old before tossing. Some brands with older labels tend to pique the curiosity of the fashion-hearted consumer. A few benefits to reselling your clothes include:

  • Environmental impacts decrease
  • Earning extra cash
  • Extending the lifecycle of a garment

Common Vintage Brands

Trends and fads move at the speed of light, and with them go brands. Brands are constantly competing with one another, and this back and forth tends to fuel the fast-fashion craze. Outside of fast fashion, sustainable and timeless brands refer to those that any age and demographic adore.


Levi’s denim has reigned the oldest, most popular denim brand for over a century. Because of this long-standing reputation, this is one of the most valuable and versatile vintage brands. The denim brand remains in demand and meets a variety of demographics.


The best shoe to buy and resell is Converse. Their commitment to withstand any wear and tear proves as their top feature. The brand maintains a certain level of consistency from design to construction, originating as the go-to basketball sneaker and rapidly becoming a household staple. Vintage Converse hold superiority in resale.

Consider Vintage T-Shirts

Demand for vintage t-shirts is rapidly increasing as old trends become new again. Texx Team USA is one of the best places to buy used t-shirts in bulk to fulfill your clients’ needs. A few of the most popular brands to resell include:

  • Champion
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Adidas

Understanding how to flip clothes in 2021 will help you identify the best vintage brands to resell quickly. If you think your closet is ready for a makeover and you’re sitting on one of these vintage brands, get ahold of Texx Team USA today. We take pride in our process to offer a quality resell service to those in the market.