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Fairly delivered services. Competitive pricing. More than 150 different types of items. When you need to buy second-hand clothes wholesale, there's only one answer: Texx Team.

We are wholesale second-hand clothing suppliers in New Jersey. Our goal is to help our clients reach their commercial objectives. To do so, we guarantee a consistent quality of clothing at all grades. Achieved through an intensive, multi-layer sorting system and trained, highly experienced graders.

Working with clients all over Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and beyond, we're used to fulfilling all sizes of order. At Texx Team USA, we specialize in selling wholesale thrift clothing to used clothing store owners and resellers. All orders are picked up at our warehouse. It’s located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, which is beneficial to those in the surrounding states, including New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Whether you need Premium Grade (cream, extra) clothes for resale, high-quality garments for wear, or our clothing, we make sure you:

Get the right goods. Of the right quality. At the right price.

The types of second-hand clothes we supply wholesale

20 years of experience as a bulk used clothing supplier has gained us an impressive portfolio of clients. The second-hand clothes we offer wholesale are available at set grades, enabling you to get the quality you require for specific purposes:

  1. Cream quality – Our best quality, fashionable clothes according to the trend in the last 3 years, may contain new clothing.
  2. Extra quality – Very good quality, top brands from the basic line, clothing according to the trend of last 5 years.
  3. A Quality - Good quality clothes, there might be any spots that can be easily removed.
  4. Shop Quality – mix of qualities (Cream, Extra, AQ and BQ), divided by season

You can select multiple types of items and mixes too. 

  • Used clothes - various mixes, including those for women, men and children.
  • Used shoes - used shoes are available in paired and unpaired varieties, with options of mens, womens and childrens mixes.
  • Used accessories - this category includes hats, scarves, caps and similar items.
  • Used bags - this can include satchels, rucksacks, handbags and more

Ensuring quality - our sorting system

Texx Team operates a multi-layer sorting system. This system features prime or intake sorting via a conveyor belt followed by the fine hand-sorting of each individual item by highly trained and experienced graders. Re-sorting items which may not neatly fit into one category or another is accomplished by veteran supervisors whose judgement has been honed through many years in the industry.

What are our clothes used for?

More than 5% of the 2 billion-plus tons of garbage the world produces every year is fabric. This is bad for the environment, but it also makes very little commercial sense. These are quality materials which required resources and investment to produce. Our wholesale used clothing shouldn't go to waste.

Smart companies and charities use the clothes we collect from reputable sources either for resale to their own clientele in the fashion industry, to clothe people on every continent, or to repurpose into paper, into insulation in the construction industry and much more.

Browse our website to find out more about what makes us trusted wholesale second-hand clothing suppliers in New Jersey. 

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