The Company

The Company

Texx Team - Second-Hand Clothes Warehouse

Texx Team is a second-hand clothes warehouse helping people around the world to purchase recycled and reused garments of all kinds. If you're looking for the collection and wholesale of used clothes, you're looking for Texx Team.


Established in 1996, the company is dedicated to making it easy for people to affordably purchase second-hand clothing in bulk. Working with some of the leading names in the used clothes industry, Texx Team has more than 20 years of experience as a provider of services which have a tradition of openness, credibility and quality. The company's strong policies on ethics and the consistent sorting of the clothes themselves have helped it to position itself as a second-hand clothes warehouse at the forefront of the industry in Europe, the United States and worldwide.

The used clothing supplier meeting your needs for quality and quantity

Texx Team operates around the world, connecting people in need of bulk second-hand clothing with a reliable, high-quality source for all grades of clothes. 

  • Cream quality – Our best quality clothes, fashionable and modern.
  • Extra quality – Clothes in Very good condition. Еeasily removable soiling or minimal defects are acceptable. 
  • A Quality - Good quality clothes, without or just barely noticeable signs of wear, good condition. Torn clothes and non-removable dirt are not allowed.
  • Shop Quality – mix of qualities (Cream, Extra, AQ and BQ), divided by season