Common Myths About Wearing Secondhand Clothes

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When you walk into a thrift shop, what do you do? Do you find yourself making assumptions about the people who’re shopping there? Or do you perhaps feel uncomfortable because past society has taught you that buying secondhand clothing means you’re not cool or “popular?”

Unfortunately, many people believe the common myths about wearing secondhand clothes but don’t realize they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Used Clothes Are Unsanitary

Yes, someone else wore used clothing items at one point, but most people try on “new” clothes in retail dressing rooms. Typically, the clothes you find at a thrift store have only been worn and loved by one person, making it more sanitary than retail clothing.

Additionally, multiple washes have removed the chemicals once on the clothing, so you’re purchasing clothes that are better for your skin.

In any case, thrift shops perform quality checks on donated items before placing them on the floor. So if a piece of clothing is dirty beyond a good wash cycle, they likely won’t sell it to you in the first place.

Their Styles Are Outdated

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and encouraging people to change their styles to be on-trend with today’s models. With that said, people typically donate the newer clothes they don’t want anymore, making it easy to find some hot, vintage pieces for your wardrobe.

Additionally, articles of clothing like jeans have been around since the mid-1800s and will likely not go away anytime soon. So you might benefit from looking for used jeans for sale in bulk to add more variety to your closet and save money!

Secondhand Shopping Is Only for the Less Fortunate

Let’s go back to the thrift shop: Who do you see shopping there? Secondhand shopping is now a norm in our society, making it easier for anyone to walk in and find something to take home.

Thrift shopping isn’t just for people who choose to shop for good discounts; it’s for people who want to be smarter with their money and purchase quality clothing at a reasonable price!

These common myths about wearing secondhand clothes tend to push people away from thrift stores, but hopefully, we’ve encouraged you that secondhand shopping is better than retail. Find your local thrift store and go shopping!