5 Tips for Choosing a Wholesale Clothing Supplier

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Starting a used clothing store is a great way to dive into a business that’s always in demand. When you offer great deals on clothing, you can support yourself while also helping families around you find great deals. But first, it’s essential to find a reliable source for your inventory. So, before jumping on the first deal you see, check out our five tips for choosing a wholesale clothing supplier.

Look Into the Company’s History

As with dealing with any seller, it’s important to review a potential supplier. Many platforms allow previous buyers to add reviews and ratings, which helps you spot inexperienced sellers or potential scammers. If that isn’t available, it’s easy to search for reviews on other sites and read about the company on them. Lastly, it never hurts to reach out directly and explore the responsiveness of a business’s customer service channels.

Identify Desirable Brands

While many shops simply have a good selection of items, many shoppers still search by brand. They may use this to identify the quality of a shop. A store that only stocks obscure brands may seem less trustworthy. Having a good mix of name brands and available options will assure customers that all the items are up to snuff. Besides this, many buyers prefer the look and feel unique to different brands. Having those options available enables a shop to appeal to more buyers who will eventually become loyal customers.

Look for Variety in Their Stock

While some customers might need a collection of similar items, most people enjoy a wide range of colors and styles. Even among formal and business-appropriate wear, a great variety of looks exist. As such, a successfully used clothing business must have a quality selection of choices for customers to look through. What’s more, the better the variety, the more likely a shop will pick up a few impulse buyers. It’s impossible to tell who might wander by and what their tastes will be, especially in the case of online shops.

Find the Best Price

One of the five tips for choosing a wholesale clothing supplier is to find an affordable one. Doing this is one of the essential prerequisites of starting your shop. Whether or not the business has wholesale thrift clothing you’d like to stock is irrelevant if they don’t offer prices that make sense for your store. Buying wholesale goes deeper than the unit price per item, though. Also, take into careful consideration handling fees and shipping costs.

Identify the Sources

While you’re looking into the company’s history, it’s good to discover where they source their items. Sustainability is a significant factor today for many consumers. Clothing sourced unethically or from other more wasteful companies can reflect poorly on your business. Look for companies that source clothing from positive origins, such as donations. In addition, many major companies and wholesalers also have humanitarian goals. Find a wholesaler that supports what you believe in and inspires you to make your business even better.