Top Fall/Winter Fashion Trends To Follow in 2021

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The cooler weather is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe for the new season. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at a high-end fashion store to stay on trend this year! Here are the top fall/winter fashion trends to follow in 2021 so that you can look your best at every event this season.


Sequins turn a boring outfit into an eye-catching glamour ‘fit that looks good on anyone! This fashion trend isn’t just for NYE anymore; you can now wear sequins at any event. To make your sequins pop, pair the item with an otherwise basic outfit. That way, your outfit won’t clash or look too busy, and you’ll shine like a star in the crowd!

Bold Colors

More people are turning to fashion to express themselves with bright hues and funky patterns. Fashionistas used to reserve vibrant shades and bold prints for summer, but now these fearless fashion elements are ready to enter the fall and winter seasons, too! Deep jewel tones and pastel colors are in. Try mixing different-colored pieces to turn heads with each step you take.


Denim is a staple that’s been in fashion for over 90 years, and it’s not leaving anytime soon! It looks like skinny jeans are out, and mom jeans are in. Loose-fitting jeans are in style, and we’re here for it. I think we can all sigh in relief that skinny jeans have stepped back from the scene for a while.

You can visit a used jeans wholesale distributor like Texx Team USA to find tons of mom jeans in any style while saving big bucks! To rock this style, wear a tight-fitting top to set off the loose bottoms.

’90s Style

All decades make their way back into fashion sooner or later, and now it’s time for’90s fashion to make its comeback! But it looks like the ’90s style has made its way to the stage, and it’s here to stay.

Popular pieces like sheath dresses, platforms, and oversized sweaters are back in style. Add some grungy boots with a white tee and a slip dress, and you’re ready to show off your ’90s-baby look!


As part of the ’90s trend, sweater-vests have made a surprising comeback. You can choose to layer your sweater-vest with your new mom jeans or wear it with a long skirt to enjoy the warm weather while we still have it!

Fashion is constantly changing, but we’re here to help you stay on trend and spice up your style with the top fall/winter fashion trends to follow in 2021. Start shopping today, and get ready to stand out in the crowd.