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Second Hand Fashion Is Growing In Popularity

Buying second-hand clothes today has become a really popular way of staying stylish – particularly as this type of shopping is proven to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Vintage boutiques and consignment shops have made bargain hunting a trendy way to buy unexpected gems at a fraction of the price - take a look at why second-hand fashion is growing in popularity here...

Facts and Figures

Surveys conducted last year have shown that the second-hand fashion trend is consistently increasing in the US, the UK, France, and Germany – with 74% of women believing that used clothing seemed to be identical to current fashion items. 36% of survey participants said they would be happy to give or receive second-hand clothing or accessories as a gift. Over 30% of women stated they were more interested in today’s second hand fashion than they were five years ago – and 59% of British women said they purchased second-hand clothes online. Re-selling second-hand fashion items had been put into the market place by both British and German suppliers – with 60% and 48% respective figures.

Sharing Fashion

Over the last twenty years three have been a lot of changes in the way we buy clothes - careless behaviour such as mass production has caused environmental damage,animal abuse, and oceans of waste in the production of garments. Thanks to the development of online platforms for example, customers can now share experiences, thoughts, and buy and sell second-hand luxury and fashion items effortlessly. Platforms include the London-based company HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It), high Fashion Society, Rewind Vintage, and Vestiaire to name but a few online marketplaces.

Charity Shops

Very cheap clothing is available here – and all the money you spend will go to charity. People donate clothes and other items which are then sold at low prices – all you have to do is search for a bargain!

Vintage Shops

Clothing that comes from the 1940's to the 1960's can be found in these locations – although you'll find they tend to sell clothes from many eras. Prices will always be cheaper than high street shops unless the garments are vintage designer brands.

Car Boot Sales

Just a slight negative with this type of shopping – you can't try the clothes on before you buy them. However you'll be able to pick up second-hand garments for as little as 50p.

Second-hand Buying Tips

Always try on the item, or make sure you can return it if it doesn't fit Don't buy an item just because it's a real bargain, you'll never wear it if it's not the right size Wash your purchase before you wear it For every item you buy donate one of your own to keep your wardrobe uncluttered

Where Else to Buy Second Hand Clothes

You can purchase all sorts of second hand clothes wholesale from a trusted supplier such as Texx Team – set grades cover Premium for finest used clothes neatly packaged and ready for immediate use or resale, Grade 1 quality clothes in excellent condition ready to be worn, and Grade 2 items with some visible imperfections suitable for wear and reusing. Consistent quality clothing at all grades is provided by highly trained and experienced technicians who sort items and fit them into the appropriate categories. Companies and charities use these clothes to resale to clients, clothe people on every continent, or recycle into paper or insulation in the construction industry – ensuring no waste of resources or investments that would have been necessary if the items were brand new.