Where and How to Easily Buy Second-Hand Clothes in Bulk?

If you're considering setting up a second-hand clothing retail outlet the chances are you're a fan of second-hand clothes yourself. You already know that buying second-hand means you can stretch your budget much further, that you can buy better quality than you could afford if you were buying new, and that buying used clothing is an environmentally friendly choice too.

If you want to move from being a buyer to a seller you need to find your own second-hand clothing suppliers. There're different ways you can do this. What will work best for you really depends on the scale of the enterprise you're planning.

Starting a Small Scale Higher End Second Hand Clothing Outlet

You can look in all the places you usually shop; charity shops, jumble sales, car boot sales and similar. The difference is that rather than considering just what will work in your own wardrobe, you're now looking for things that you know you can make a profit on. Look for items that are lightly worn, unstained and undamaged. Timeless classics and neutral styles lend themselves to resale better than last years fashion statement. Get it right and washing an item, ironing it, and putting it on a hanger or photographing it properly for online sale can be enough to triple the price or more.

Once the places you're buying from realising that your aim is second-hand clothes bulk buying, they may even be willing to offer you a discount or at least set aside a portion of their top quality newly arrived stock for you to peruse when you next visit.

This approach is fine if you're thinking of second-hand clothes selling as a 'hobby business', something to subsidise your own wardrobe or raise your holiday spending money, but it won't work for an enterprise that's going to provide your main income.

Starting a Larger Scale Second-Hand Clothes Outlet

If you're planning a serious second-hand clothing outlet, then hand-picking and preparing every item isn't really an option. You'll need to consider where to buy second-hand clothes in bulk while still purchasing quality items that you can reasonably expect to make a profit from. The easiest place to source your stock is to buy it online.

There are lots of online wholesalers offering the option for you to buy second-hand clothes in bales. Established wholesalers want you to be a return customer, so they'll do everything they can to make sure that you're happy with what you get. Even when you buy second-hand clothes by kg, you can still expect them to have been sorted, with badly damaged or stained items removed and set aside to be sold on as rags for recycling.

Once clothes that really have no useful life in them have been removed, it's usual for wholesalers to further sort into two or three different grades. When you buy second-hand clothes by weight you'll pay more for a premium mix containing nearly new items that you will for lightly worn clothing.

As with any retail clothing outlet, it's important that your stock changes regularly. Your customers will get bored very quickly if they come in week after week to look at the same things. Your wholesaler should be able to work with you so that you can buy in sensible amounts on a regular basis. You'll also be able to buy according to the season so that your summer clothes will be lightweight and you'll have good quality warm coats available for the winter. So, the answer to the question of where and how to easily buy second-hand clothes in bulk is really very simple. Just look online and you'll find everything you need.