5 Tips for Buying Quality Shoes Secondhand

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Many people may have a few shoes here and there, but some have a shoe for each outfit! If you’re looking to find great shoes and resell them to your customers, you’ll find these five tips for buying quality shoes secondhand useful!

Fix What You Can

When you look for shoes, there are many features and details to look out for. If you find a pair of shoes with a bit of wear and tear, don’t throw them away just yet! With the right tool kit, you can fix lots of minor issues and restore the shoes to their quality condition.

However, some shoes may show irreparable damage that you’ll want to avoid! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself, “Would I buy this?” If the answer is no, it’s time to move on.

Watch for Counterfeits

Unfortunately, counterfeit goods have become mainstream in many industries, such as makeup, fashion, entertainment, and more. Because of this, it may be hard to determine whether the product you’re buying is genuine or not.

To ensure you’re selling real high-quality products to your customers, watch out for these signs of false shoes:

  • Unusual design
  • Weird odor
  • Unrealistic price

When purchasing shoes, thoroughly inspect every detail to ensure they’re authentic for your customers!

Know the Materials

Certain materials are more durable than others, which is why you must understand each shoe’s material.

For instance, if you buy rubber flip flops, you’ll want to know that they last about a year. Unless you purchase high-quality flip flops, in which case they’d last at least three years. Additionally, you’ll need to learn about shoe materials to clean them correctly.

Clean Them Properly

Shoes require a different cleaning process than other items, like jewelry, glasses, and clothing. Try not to use any old Clorox solution on your shoes as certain harsh chemicals may cause damage.

For example, try using equal parts water and white vinegar on stubborn stains when working with leather shoes. To get rid of scuffs, dip a cloth in baking soda and gently wipe them away.

However, by understanding the shoe materials, you’ll know that patent leather is entirely different than standard leather. As such, you can use petroleum jelly to clean patent leather and glass cleaner to give it a shiny new look.

Remember that your cleaning routine may be different for each shoe material to maintain its quality and integrity.

Research Your Suppliers

Some thrift shops may be a great place to start your hunt for quality shoes. However, you may benefit from connecting with wholesale secondhand shoe suppliers to help you with your business venture.

As a resale business owner, you’ll want to consider where your shoes come from to determine their durability and condition. Be sure to research your supplier before jumping into your purchase!

As you begin or continue to resell fashion items, you’ll need to follow the above five tips for buying quality shoes secondhand. Remember, most customers are willing to splurge on a product if it is high quality and, most importantly, clean!